In January 2020 before we were required to stay at home I felt a strong pull to document families more inside the walls of their very own spaces. Around the same time I also starting adding some film to each project for a similar purpose of slowing down during my session and really allowing them to unfold. I'll tell you from experience it's one thing to aim for "film tones" in your photos and a whole other to take on the beast of actually shooting film. It's been a journey of growing as a photographer.

Luckily, Niki Mccarthy of Niki Rhodes Photo graciously allowed me to stretch my creative muscles and photograph her precious family in their home. She's a wildly talented Fine Art Film photographer here in central Oregon and also my sweet friend. It's true you can be friends with other photographers and love their guts.

This session is proof that home can really bring out the tenderness of parenthood and childhood. My hope for all my clients is that they have a session like this at least once in a lifetime.