One of my favorite things about being a photographer is being a part of a creative community that is always inspiring me. In February I had a chance to photograph Britney from Hey You Flowers. I have always enjoyed working with Britney because her designs are somehow the perfect combination of whimsical and refined. I also know how much she cares about her couples and every event I've done with her has been gorgeous.

It was magical seeing her working in the studio. She seemed to spin beautiful designs out of thin air. During, Britney told to me she's always been inspired by color and how most of her couples bring her color palettes they like vs. specific types of flowers. She further explains.. "My advice for choosing the colors for your florals: remember, depending on the style of your photographer, colors can change drastically. Bright oranges can turn terracotta, intense yellow can turn mustard. The really special thing about a photographer that shoots film (like Kaley) is that you get a snapshot of what the colors truly were on your sweet love day."

As a photographer I know how much the tones of your wedding photographs can be influenced by the florals you choose. Soft neutrals can provide a dreamy feel while brighter colors can make your images pop. The Bridal bouquet, designs you choose for your ceremony and reception, and even the small details help set the tone for your guests. Working with a floral designer who understands your style/story and and will deliver on your day can take your event from average to extravagant.

I'll be preaching it forever, don't skip flowers.

If you want to see more of Britney's work, check out her instagram and website Here.