About Me

After Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I've grown to love casual elegance, the magic mix of style and nature. For me HOME will always be snow-capped mountains and fresh air but I also love the inspiration a fresh landscape brings and I take sessions and weddings all over the world.

I fell in love with photography at the same time I fell in love with my husband 9 years ago. He was always so cool and brought his camera with him everywhere and I loved the candid and joyful moments he would capture. So, naturally I copied him. I had always been creative and my heart just needed the right format for expression. I spent a year working under a gracious and talented wedding photographer and did the hard work of trial and error and honestly shooting anything and everything I could. I found that while my husband excelled at sitting back and observing candids, I excelled at connecting with people and finding ways to show them how beautiful they were in that moment.

Becoming a mother changed the lens I viewed life through because it allowed me to see just how fast a season changes and how important it is to have a tangible version of the memory. For me photographs act as anchors tied to memories that pull me back to moments, like when my babies were fresh to the world, and my heart was fresh with new love. I want to give you all the anchors for all of the moments you never want to forget.

I find my best work in the moments where you are connected to where you are and the people you are sharing the moment with. I will always give you the polished and beautiful version but just as important, I will deliver the in between where the messy everyday love lives too. I can't wait to know you.

Kind Words

Liz & Matt

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"Kaley photographed our wedding at Loloma Lodge in Oregon, it was our dream day. Being able to look back at all the details in our photos and get the same feeling we had that day is something really special. She made us feel so comfortable and went above and beyond to capture every moment. We are so happy to have these beautiful memories to cherish forever. She’s truly amazing; as a photographer and now friend; we love you Kaley!"

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